Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What about my Hero?

People always think that hero is always be someone who can protects ourself. And it's alwys the self, I mean the body. For me, a hero is someone who can protects me from hurting, lonely, and many others of heartaching. There are many people called heroes, like Bung Tomo and Soekarno. But in my opinion, the hero that stays  around us is bestfriend.
Bestfriend is someone who can makes me happy. He never wants to hurt my heart, except if it's an accident. He always stays next to me, he's always available when I need him, he always helps me when I need some helps, and so many examples there.
I have a bestfriend, I knew him since I was in Junior High School. We were classmates. We're so close like family. He's just like my brother, and I'm his sister. he always protects me from other people who want to hurt me. When I got a problem, he always there for me and give me some advices. We're open to one each other. Even the secret things that we have to keep it, we always know it.
He's everything to me. That's why I love him so much. I never want to lose him, whatever the problems. And now, I'd like to say that my bestfriend is my hero!

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